Your Wor(l)d in Order

Чи хотіли б ви отримати професіональне викладання німецької мови від носителя мови? Шукаєте когось для перекладу, перевірки чи редагування вашого тексту? Тоді ви звернулися за адресою. Більше ніж десятиліття стажу у сфері викладання та надання послуг пов'язанних з мовою. Завжди вчасно та адаптовано під ваші потреби.


Years of experience will help you not only learn the German, English, Ukrainian or Russian, but I will help you enjoy the learning process with a strong focus on conversation - in person or via the Internet (Skype, Viber, ...).


Want to make sure your article or thesis is free of mistakes? Or your website is properly laid out? We are your best bet to make this happen!


As a singer and moderator I would love to lend you my voice for your documentaries, films, games etc. in German, English, and other languages. Please ask me for samples!


Want to study, work or live in Austria? Then you would most likely need an official certificate about your German language skills. I am here to prepare you!


Привіт, мене звати Андреас, я приходжу із середини Австпрійських альп. Більщість Австрійців звичайно любить бути вдома або бачуть на захід, але для мене схід був завжди цікавішим.

Тому я вивчав славистику у Ґраці. По студій я пересунув до Любляни, де я починав працювати як вчитель німецької мови.

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My German teaching career started at high profile language schools, like the Austrian Institute in Ljubljana and Bratislava.

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The last 5 years I was teaching at the University of Kosice as Austrian Lecturer, focussing on language and culture of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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Experience of more than 1000 teaching hours make sure that you get the quality you deserve.

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During my life I managed to learn more than 10 languages. My learning strategies I am more than eager to share with you.

Roman Polykov

Former Student and now Teacher HImself

The best teacher you possibly could have. He helped me love the German language in a way I could not have imagined!

Barbora M.

Former Student

The lessons with Andre are diverse and communicative. He introduces interesting historical and intercultural topics which motivate his students to talk. The atmosphere of the lessons is relaxed and pleasant so that the student lose any fear of talking in a foreign language environment.

Peter N.


I applied for a scholarship in Austria and needed someone to proofread my application and help me with my letter of motivation. My study time in Austria was surely the highlight of the last years!

Nikoletta E.


Andreas always knows how to prepare lessons so that students learn something, but at the same time enrich them so, that they are interesting and the students take something more from them.


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